Web Design Northville MI

We at ajac Web Design provide web design and development services for the Northville, MI region and surrounding communities. We have ties to the city and a history of working with businesses in the area. Our staff is happy to come to you for any and all needs that may arise in the web design process.

We are a full service web design firm offering a complete array of on-line business work. Below you will find a list of just some of the services we can perform for your business. If you do not see something listed that you would like to inquire about please contact us and we will respond to you promptly.

Web Design in Northville, Michigan

Northville Michigan Web Design

Our company uses the latest coding and design techniques to build cutting edge, innovative sites. We code using HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, PHP, and several other current languages. Our goal is to build dynamic, beautiful, functional websites that also rank well in the search listings. Having a site that looks great is just the start. You need a site that is constructed with search in mind to draw as many potential clients as possible. Our goal is to build a site that you not only love, but also earn from. To find out more contact us today. We are here to help! Learn More - click here...

Business Marketing Services

Business Marketing Northville MI

There are many new avenues in marketing available to small businesses in the on-line world of today. In the past you needed a large budget to compete for radio or television time. Now you can use social media, SEO, and other techniques to draw traffic for a fraction of the cost. Our company prides itself on low cost methods that maximize your return on investment. We also can build tracking into your campaigns to make sure that you are getting the return you are looking for. Learn More - click here...

Social Media Work

Social Media Northville Michigan

In 2013 Facebook will have 1 BILLION users. That's with a B. Social media is how news and reviews are spread today. If your company is not involved then you are missing a golden opportunity to increase your revenue. If you would like to start tapping into that money stream we are more than happy to discuss what your options are. We can build custom Facebook fan pages, manage your Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or other social accounts, or run campaigns for you. There has been a shift in search engines lately using social media for more of their rankings. Putting more resources into your social media also pays dividends in the search results. If you would like to start growing your business contact us for more information. Learn More - click here...

Northville MI Search Engine Optimization

Northville MI SEO

Search engine optimization is the steps you can take to try and get your site to rank higher in the search results for sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google now accounts for more advertising traffic than radio, television, and print combined. Performing well in the results can have a drastic effect on your business. Being at the top of the rankings is going to send significantly more potential clients to your site. We pride ourselves on building sites that are structurally built to be search engine friendly. We also offer a full array of off-site services including social media marketing and link building campaigns. If you would like a free search report on your current site please contact us today and we will be happy to review the submission. Learn More - click here...

Branding and other Services

Branding Services Northville MI

Branding is the hot buzz word in marketing today. The power of branding is in the potential to move your company from a local fixture to a regional brand. From that regional brand you can then push forward to a national brand. Branding can take your business to the next level. The problem is, how do you start developing and nurturing your brand? We can answer that question for you. If you would like to discuss branding with us please contact us for more information. We also provide a multitude of other services. Everything from consulting to photography. If it's based around on-line business, we can help you and your company. We look forward to getting a chance to work with you. Learn More - click here...

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