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What is WordPress?

WordPress was originally designed to be a powerful blogging tool. As its popularity grew and its community expanded many developers realized WordPress could be used as a CMS. Due to its simple to use interface WordPress quickly became the world’s most popular CMS.

Is WordPress right for my site?

If you have a need for a strong blogging community on your website, or you intend on adding content often, but do not have any requirements for complex web applications than WordPress is a good solution.

Are there disadvantages to WordPress?

As with any other CMS WordPress is not without disadvantages. WordPress is known for having slower load times on more complex sites, and many developers find it to be difficult to work with.

WordPress has many free to use plugins, and while this can be a great advantage; some developers are more reliable than others when it comes to updating their software. This can lead to site security issues. As such WordPress should not be used for sites that require higher security levels.