Prefer a static site, but want the convenience of a CMS? ajac is happy to offer Pulse CMS!

Is Pulse a real CMS?

CMS stands for content management system; so yes Pulse is a CMS in every sense of the word. We recommend Pulse for any client that likes the idea of a static site, but does not have time to fuss with code.

What makes Pulse Different?

Pulse unlike most popular CMS solutions is not open source, and is a flat file CMS. This means pulse does not use a database to store information and tables. Instead Pulse relies on a series of static php files that ajac codes for our clients. Pulse then simply plugs in the content you as the client generate.

Is There a Disadvantage to Pulse?

One of the biggest disadvantages to this method is that any applications that are required for the site will need to be created by hand, and cannot be controlled via Pulse. Pulse is also not strong at SEO, and content organization; however, due to the static nature of the CMS pages will load very fast.