Michigan Photography

·        Products | Facilities | Events | Portraits

·        Image Editing Done In-house

·        Onsite Photo Shoots By Appointment

·        Videography Also Available

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

–Frederick Barnard

The old saying never holds more true than when it comes to the on-line world of today. With the spread of high speed internet websites and social media have moved more and more into a visual age. Big, beautiful images are used to grab the user’s eye and draw them into your site.

No level of text description can wet the appetite more than a high resolution, well staged picture of your food product. No text explanation can peak the interest your product creates than a great action shot of your wares in use.

At ajac Web Design we have professionally trained photographers on staff who are ready to visually take your company to the next level.

Here are some of the areas we can provide photography services in:

  • Events
  • Landscape
  • Portraits
  • Services
  • Products

Our photographers will make your food look delectable, your facilities look stunning, and your products look dynamite. We also will handle the staging phase of the process and the editing of the results to maximize the visual effect. If you are looking for photography services for your Michigan business contact us today to set up your photo shoot.