Michigan E-commerce

·        Shopping Cart Integration

·        Gateway Choices for Credit Cards

·        Analytics and Tracking

·        Working Examples and Testimonials

"Money is usually attracted, not pursued."

–Jim Rohn

Right now people are buying goods and services on the internet. Millions of products are just a click away from getting to the consumer looking for them. Are you one of the countless companies earning revenue from them? No? Well let us help you change that!

Isn’t e-commerce confusing?

That short answer – yes and no. If you’ve never been involved in e-commerce it can be an intimidating venture. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be addressed in order to make the process seamless. You need to determine how you want your on-line store set up, what kind of gateway you want to use, and various other options. We can help navigate you through the process.

From choosing the right shopping cart for your product to integrating it into your site ajac Web Design can help. If you want to stop standing on the sidelines of the internet sales boom and instead want to tap into the pipeline to start earning money contact us today. We are experts in the field of Michigan e-commerce.

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