Have a content heavy site? ajac Web Design is ready to help with Drupal

Should I use Drupal?

Drupal is an extremely popular open source PHP/MySQL based CMS solution. We recommend Drupal to any client that has a large amount of content that requires an extreme amount of content organization.

Is Drupal Difficult to Use?

Drupal is not difficult to use for anyone that has a moderate level of technical experience. Ajac Web Design does not recommend Drupal to any novice Web or PC users.

Is Drupal Expensive?

We are often asked this question. Drupal itself is a free to use open source CMS; however, in order to create a great Drupal site there is a reasonable amount of development time involved. If we compare Drupal to other CMS’s then yes it is expensive. All of that said Drupal has many advantages over some of the other CMS systems that are simply not designed for larger enterprise size sites.