Concrete 5 Concrete5

Have a small site but still need a CMS? Let ajac help with Concrete5!

Why Should I Use Concrete5?

If you have a smaller site, but need a powerful very simple CMS Concrete5 is a great solution. We recommend Concrete5 for many first time site owners that prefer to keep with an open source solution; because of its powerful admin capabilities, and its great front end site editing.

What Makes Concrete5 Different?

The biggest difference with Concrete5 over other CMS solutions is its front end editor. When you edit content on your site you will be editing it in real time vs using a backend admin area. This allows for an easier experience.

Is There a Downside to Concrete5?

We typically only recommend Concrete5 to site owners that need minimal javascript features and animations. This is primarily due to conflicts that can occur with the javascript of the CMS and the actual javascript of the site itself. ajac Web Design will work with each client individually to determine if this will be a factor.