Adobe Business Catalyst 

ajac Web Design is proud to partner with Adobe to bring you a great hosted CMS platform.

Is BC right for me?

Business Catalyst is can be used for small to medium sized business entities that have little to no technical knowledge or staff, and require a dynamic means of conducting business online.

What is BC?

Business Catalyst is a hosted CMS. This means that you will not need to go out and locate a web-hosting service because BC is both the CMS and the Host. Not only is BC a CMS and a host, but it also functions as a CRM, and E-mail marketing platform.

The idea behind BC is simple. Give business owners and staff an all in one online solution for their business. You can log in and see your sites performance, sales, customers, and email campaigns all in one place. This saves you both time and more importantly money!

Is it possible to transfer my existing site to BC?   

Yes! We do this all of the time for clients. The one caveat to doing this is we cannot transfer any of your sites current PHP based applications. Because BC is not built using PHP and uses Sass this means that PHP will not work in BC. Anything that was build using PHP would need to be replaced with javascript, but not to worry! We are experts in javascript and can make this transition painless.