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Charles Daniels - Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to fix a problem where the All In One SEO pack for WordPress is creating page titles that are too longWe have been trying to clean up our on-page optimization as of late and one of the issues our SEO tools have been mentioning to us is that there are a lot of our titles that are too long. We discovered the culprit was that our blog was adding the title of the blog to each of our individual posts. So each new article the title was ballooning as it added: " | Michigan Web Design Blog by ajac Web Design". That's a whopping 46 extra characters being added to each post. That blows way past the 60-70 that you should be trying to optimize for. Here is how we found and fixed the problem:

We are big fans of the WordPress All In One SEO plugin.  It's great and it's easy to use.  We didn't notice that one of the settings we had on was making our individual page titles far too long.  The title of our blog was being added in the settings.  You can see it here:

Toggle to reduce title size for the All In One SEO plugin

 We altered this to remove the blog title from the individual pages and now all of our posts are back to within the optimal ranges.  Here is a screenshot after the change: How to fix the issue of the WordPress blog title being added to individual posts Presto, fixed!  Now each page just shows the page title.  We are looking forward to our next crawl to see our error counter drop a couple hundred from all of our blog posts no longer showing character errors.  If you are using the All In One SEO plugin and having the same issue, here is the fix.  If you aren't, then sorry but you need to keep looking! If you have any further questions leave us a comment or come on over to our Facebook wall or our Twitter account and say hello.  We love talking all things web design and SEO.  See you there! By Charles Daniels