What is SEO and why you should care about it

Charles Daniels - Sunday, January 22, 2012

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization' and to make a long story short it's the things you do to try and make your site rank higher in the search engines when people are looking for your product or services. Think of it in terms of your brick and mortar business.  If you are operating a store that has the best products and the best prices in the whole town, but nobody knows it exists, then how many customers do you expect to walk through your doors?

Not as many that you would have if everyone knew exactly who you were and where your establishment that had these great products and prices was located. That is what SEO does.  Optimizing your page for search results moves your business to the front of the line for people looking on-line for what you provide.  It is a road map for interested customers who are looking for your products and services. You can have the most beautiful website on the internet but if the search engines aren't directing anyone to it, what's the point?  This is why SEO, search engine optimization, is so vital for the sucess of your website. The search engines provide the traffic to your site.  The site converts the traffic into customers.  The customers pay you for your goods and services.  Your business thrives and you make money. The three stages of SEO are:
  1. Keywords
  2. On Page Optimization
  3. Link Building
We will explore each of the stages in more detail in a later post. By Charles Daniels
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