Using Google+ For Business | 3 Reasons To Get Listed ASAP

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Michigan Google+ for business usesWhy is it important to set up your Google+ Local page for a business? There are a few VERY good reasons to take a few minutes (I promise it’s simple and easy) to get your business listed. A well optimized Google Places local listing can have a drastic effect on traffic to your website and customers in your doors.

 Here are 3 reasons why you should be adding your company immediately upon finishing this article. Don't delay!

#1: Get On The Map The first reason is how your business will appear when someone searches for your type of company. In the below map you are seeing local search results for “Gas Station near Ann Arbor, MI”. The red balloons are the results that are being organically returned by Google. The blue balloon is a sponsored result which has paid to stand out in searches. Only the first result has a verified G+ page. Google+ map image for Michigan gas stationjs In order for your business to be assured a spot at the top of local listings on the map you need a Google+ local listing. Filling in the “about” section of your page will also tell those searching more about your company and how you can assist them. Does your gas station have a car wash? A restaurant? Sell firewood or do auto repairs? Having a verified listing will allow you to tell customers more about your business.
#2 - Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website  The second reason to claim your listing is that having a verified Google+ Local account will improve your organic ranking for your website in the search results. Having an active Google+ account will let the search giant know that you're active and engaged. The key word here is ACTIVE. Google+ accounts which are frequently edited, linked to, and updated with new content will show that your company is still around and not an outdated listing which might no longer be valid. Logging into your Google+ page once a week or more to give status updates will show that your business is alive and well. Grow your Michigan business with a Google+ page Adding a Google+ local listing for your business is one of the fastest ways to improve traffic to your website without making a single change to your existing site. It is without question the single most important local SEO move you can make.
#3 - More Customers Through The Doors The third great reason to have a Google+ business page is to connect with your customers in the G+ community which is growing rapidly. Often overlooked for larger markets like Facebook or Twitter the G+ users are engaged, loyal, and looking for new connections. They can show appreciation for your content by clicking “+1” which is equivalent to a Facebook “like” and shows you that consumers are responding. Don’t ignore this audience as they are hungry for new information. Drive customers to your Michigan business with an optimized Google+ listingSharing photos, videos, engaging content, and company information with these Google+ users will help you find undiscovered customers. As you, your employees and customers share, your circles will grow and lead to new people viewing your updates.
So now you’re convinced – Yes sign me up! But wait, how do I get my page verified? How do I use Google+? How can I get a red balloon at the top of search result maps? It’s not hard, remember I promised you simple. You can follow these easy instructions on Google to set up your own account. Here are some great tips for getting the most out of your listing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the social media and would rather let someone else handle it you can contact ajac Web Design and we’ll take care of getting you set up and keeping your page updated. For a little more information on how ajac Web Design can help you check out this video describing some of our social media services or visit us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you! By Tiffany Teehan