The Three E's of Web Design

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blog post image for the three e's of web designThere are three essential rules that we at ajac Web Design try to follow when constructing a new website.  We like to call them the Three E's or the Three Easy's of web design.  Using these three simple rules you can build a website that will perform well in all areas.  Ignore them and you may find yourself all dressed up with no place to go. Follow along and we will show you the three easy steps you need to do to build a fantastic website.  It really is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3...

E #1 | Easy #1

The site has to be Easy on the Eyes

You would think this is a no brainer, but just a quick look around and you can find that this is a rule that isn't followed as often as it should be.  I realize that your favorite colors may well be purple and green, but unless you want your site to match the Joker from Batman I don't recommend it for web design.

The same goes for the text on the page.  That fancy font you found may look like signatures from the Declaration of Independence, but when I try to read it on my phone it just looks like a hot mess.  Don't overdue text effects.  If it's something that you want to be read, it needs to be sans-serif font like Arial or Verdana.  You can splurge and go crazy on your H1 tags and maybe even your H2 tags, but going all out everywhere is a good way to make someone hate your site.

The internet is a first impression world.  If the first thing someone thinks about your site is it's a royal pain to read what's on there then you are doomed from the start.  No eye bleeding colors, no fancy fonts, and don't ask me to read hot pink text on a light grey background.  I beseech you.

E #2 | Easy #2

The site has to be Easy to Navigate

Yes, it's very neat that when I hover over your link some kind of concoction is spraying across the screen like a Spider-man virus has infected my desktop.  I'm sure it took a long time to make that happen.  I'm also positive that all I wanted to do was see what kind of desserts you had and now I'm stuck in some endless loop of bad Flash.

A site has to be easy to get around on.  Hover effects with cool Flash effects are ok in the right instance.  Sadly the right instance is almost never for your website.  It just makes things a disaster area.  It's also annoying to have a pop-out menu where I have to meticulously move my cursor over to the proper selection before the trapdoor gets slammed shut on me and I have to start my operation game all over.  Horizontal pop out are on my list.

While annoying and superfluous these kind of menus are also becoming something else - obsolete.  Tablets and smart phones aren't going to work with a hover effect and that's where the market is moving.  It's best to use a simple navigation menu that is going to work properly across all platforms.  A site has to be easy to navigate - otherwise someone will navigate to somewhere else.  Your competitor is just a Google search away.

E #3 | Easy #3

The site has to be Easy to Find

This is the search engine optimizer in me talking.  If I can't find your site by Googling what it is you're allegedly providing me, then you are dead to me.  You may have the best mint juleps in town, but if you're not on the first page of Google then I'm not going to be partaking in them.

If you have the most beautiful, functional, and glorious site on the internet but no one can find the first three really matter?   You have to optimize your page for search.  You have to make sure it's built search friendly from the ground up, or what's the point?  If you don't want to pay for SEO work then at least take the time to become familiar with it for the sake of your business.  There are a wealth of places on-line that can take you from a search engine newbie to a novice in a few blog posts.  My recommendations would be:

Search Engine Optimization Video


First three steps for local search engine optimization

Those are a great start in your journey.  If you can't get through those two, I'd recommend hiring a professional.  The author of this post would be my first vote.

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed the Three E's of Web Design and found this post to be helpful.  If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please do so.  Or come stop by our Facebook fan page and say hello.

By Charles Daniels