The Importance of Responsive Web Design - 2 Big Questions

Charles Daniels - Monday, June 10, 2013

Responsive Web Design from ajac Web Design There was a prediction in 2012 that 2013 would be the 'Year of Responsive Web Design', and it turns out that prediction was 100% correct.  The market has been shifting dramatically in the recent years with more and more users accessing websites from non-desktop/laptop devices.  The onslaught of tablets and mobile browsing has brought about a revolution in web design as developers worked to build sites that would display and function properly across all platforms.  From that need responsive web design was born.

So lets try and clear the air and pull back the curtain on responsive web design by answering the two biggest questions we hear from our clients.

#1 - I have a mobile site, isn't that the same thing?

Answer - No. Your mobile site is designed to fit mobile devices only. Responsive design is much more than that. A well designed responsive website can adapt to any screen size. This is because it is fluid in nature. It was developed with the many screen sizes and formats in mind. In a world where the screen sizes of internet devices is ever changing and the number of these devices is ever growing; it is important to know that your site can adapt. Did you know that over 40% of Internet traffic is now mobile?  It has been a reality for some time that eventually the majority of web traffic would go to a mobile platform. That time is now here, and responsive design is the natural evolution of the process that is necessary to keep up with this reality.

#2 - Do I need a responsive website now?

Answer - Yes.

When mobile browsers visit sites that haven't been optimized for their device the bounce rate (how quickly someone leaves a site) is through the roof.  Properly maintained sites now adapt for the platform that is accessing it and users have come to expect the sites they're visiting to look good on their phones and tablets.  People are becoming less and less willing to muddle through a site that isn't mobile friendly.  They will leave your page and find a website that does look good on their device.  That site is usually your competitor's. You can ignore that as long as you want, but the fact remains if your site isn't responsive you are losing clients.  The technology has changed and like all market shifts those who move the quickest to stay with it will be rewarded. Conversely those who refuse to adapt will be left behind.

What are we doing to respond to this change?

We here at ajac Web Design have embraced this change. We love what we do and love what responsive design brings to the table. The ability to provide the best user experience for people visiting your website.  That is why we now design all of our websites using responsive design as a standard feature. Most other web-design companies charge extra for responsive design, and give you the option. We at ajac reject this philosophy. The market has changed, and we have changed with it. As a company we refuse to give any of our clients something that in our hearts we know is below standard.  Having a website that is not responsive in nature is already hurting you.  In both the client area AND the search market as Google and the other big search companies have stated that responsive design is their preferred format. So we are proposing a new standard for web design. We are now creating every one of our sites using responsive technology.  The on-line world moves fast and you have to adapt to thrive.  We are proud to be at the forefront of the industry and we invite you to join us moving forward.  If you'd like to see what a new responsive make-over can do for your site fill out our form or stop by our Facebook fan page and send us a message.  We look forward to hearing from you! By Charles Daniels