So What Exactly Is Inbound Marketing?

Charles Daniels - Sunday, August 04, 2013

Michigan inbound marketing services from ajac Web DesignWe are an active SEO providing company. I get contacted all the time with questions regarding our search engine optimization prices and plans. I almost always begin by telling them about our inbound marketing services. Which inevitably leads to the question: "What the heck is inbound marketing?" Inbound marketing is replacing search engine optimization in regards to driving targeted traffic to your site. As Google and the other search engines have evolved it has turned into more than just structuring your keywords properly and building as many links as possible back to your site. There are so many factors involved now that the generic SEO term just wasn't cutting it. What has come to replace it is now referred to as - Inbound Marketing.

So what is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is everything old SEO was - on site optimization and link building, with numerous other factors now built in: Social media, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, e-mail marketing, blogging, video marketing, social sharing, and much more. To put it simply: Inbound marketing is everything that can be done to drive targeted traffic to your website without interrupting their normal on-line experience. The normal on-line experience is an important part of inbound marketing as the main focus here is avoiding what is commonly referred to as 'Interruption Marketing'. Interruption marketing includes: Spamming, ad overlays, and contextual advertising. Things that are an annoyance to someone who is just trying to go about their daily on-line routine. has a wonderful infographic showing the distinction between inbound marketing and interruption marketing: Infographic for inbound/interruption marketing  So what are the benefits of inbound marketing? Inbound marketing has the same benefits that search engine optimization had. It will help improve your search rankings and in doing so bring more traffic to your site. It also has the added benefits of using the most current form of marketing - social media marketing and social sharing. Connecting with your core customers where they spend their time is a huge benefit in brand building. If you can gain a Facebook fan or a Twitter follower then you have direct access to your customer. The power there lies in that you also potentially have access to the people your customer is associated with who are most likely in the demographic you are looking to target. Your customers will be doing your marketing for you through social sharing. Unlike television, radio, and print advertising inbound marketing has the potential to continue on forever. A radio spot may drive you new business, but once the spot is off the air it has zero potential to continue generating leads. Inbound marketing is structured around the idea of brand building. Where you will have a residual effect from your efforts that if done properly can create a snowball effect. Generating leads is good for sales, building a brand is great for business. If you are looking to explore inbound marketing for your business fill out our quote form or  contact form with your information and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We can also be reached at 734-459-114 or you can stop by our Facebook fan page. We will be happy to answer all the questions you may have. By Charles Daniels