Setting a User Friendly Facebook Fan Page URL Address

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make easy URL addresses for your Facebook fan pageHave you ever tried to tell someone to go check out your Facebook fan page? It's easy to get to, just go over to and say hi! Oh wait, how is anyone ever going to remember all of that? They won't, and that is why you should set a user friendly Facebook URL. So I can tell someone to enter and they're at our page in a jiffy. Making life easy on your potential clients should be objective number one. Luckily the process to set a custom address for your Facebook fan page is extremely easy to do. Just follow these steps:

Make your Facebook URL user friendly

#1 - Click the gear icon and use Facebook as the page that you are trying to set the URL address for.

Make your Facebook address user friendly#2 - Click the Edit Page option and then click on the Update Page Info tab.

Facebook friendly addresses#3 - Click the Enter a Facebook web address link in the Page Address option.

Facebook URL addresses made easy#4 - Click the Create a web address for this page link.

Easy URL addresses for your Facebook fan page #5 - Enter the name that you would like to use. If it is available you will be able to permanently set your new address to what you enter.

You're Done!

Get the business cards made up and update all of your on-line citations. Try and pick something that will be easy to relay to someone in casual conversation. As a general rule - the shorter the better. If you have any questions please stop by our Facebook fan page at (See how easy that is?) and leave a message on our wall. Operators are standing by!

By Charles Daniels