Seeing your Facebook fan page likes - 2013

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Facebook fan page likes 2013Facebook fan pages can be confusing to manage. Simple things can sometimes turn into time consuming tasks.   I was recently trying to add an administrator onto a Facebook fan page that I was managing.  The person I wanted to add had liked the page and I was trying to find the list of likes so that I could select them.  It took quite a bit of maneuvering so I thought I'd make a quick blog post to save the next guy some time.  So here we go:

Seeing Facebook Fan Page Likes - 2013

#1 - Select the page you want to see the likes for

See Facebook likes step 1 image

#2 - Use Facebook as the Fan page

See Facebook likes step 2 image

#3 - Select 'Friends' in the upper left menu

See Facebook likes 2013 step 3 image#4 - Click the 'See All' link

See Facebook likes 2013 step 4 image

Bonus Tip:

If you are looking to make someone an administrator for the account you have to be their Facebook friend first.  For business reasons this can be annoying, but just add them as a friend and then once the privileges have been set you can de-friend them.

I hope this was helpful in saving you some time.  The settings and functions for Facebook get changed so often that trying to find current information can be quite frustrating.  If you have any further questions stop by our Facebook fan page and let me us know!

By Charles Daniels