QR codes for your Michigan business. Part 3: Advanced QR code use.

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

QR Code that directs to the East West Martial Arts home pageThe increasing volume of QR code advertising has made it hard for a lonely, ordinary QR code to stand out these days.  That is where the advanced QR code comes into play.  As you can see in the image to the left, a QR code does not have to be just a plain black bar code.  It can also incorporate a logo, different colors, even a picture built into the background.  The best part being; it still functions exactly like a normal QR code.  The quick response code displayed here when scanned links back to the East West Martial Arts homepage.  If you are looking for a martial arts school near Canton, Michigan you will not find a finer dojo.  Stop by their site to see what they are all about.

This is the third and final installment of our introduction to QR codes for your Michigan business. Before you wade into the deeper waters we would suggest you check out parts 1 and 2: Part 1: What is a QR code anyway? Part 2: Putting QR Codes to use. Now that you are all caught up we can start to give some ideas and examples of how to use an advanced QR code that really stands out. Here is your run of the mill QR code:


Nothing special. Could be anything. Now look at this QR code:


This QR code is exploding off the page. I see instruments, colors, shapes. I see people thinking that has to be something special associated with music and whipping out their smart phones to scan this code. If the QR code is this interesting, the content it's providing has to be as well, right?  Here is the kicker: They both do the exact same thing.  Both are a link to The Fillmore Silver Spring homepage.  The difference is how eye catching the new QR code is.  People are going to stop and take notice of that bar code.  More interest, more clicks, more traffic. Another example of an advanced QR code would be to add an image into the background of your QR code.  Look at this example: You can see tropical paradise in the background here.  This is also a way to distinguish your quick response codes from the others and clue in the prospected scanner as to what your code is all about. The key with manipulating a QR code is testing the functionality to make sure it will still work across all platforms.  Having a fancy code that doesn't work is like having the nicest house on the bottom of the ocean.  There is a lot of trial and error involved in getting things to fit just perfectly.  Make sure to use multiple devices before going live with your campaign. It is also possible to install tracking for your QR code.  You can use your Google analytics account to embed a string into your link that will let you know that the code was scanned.  This will enable you to make multiple codes with different tracking in them so you can know which areas your codes are getting the most use at.  Here is a good page discussing how to go about setting this up: Using Google Analytics to track QR codes This is the conclusion to our series on QR codes for your Michigan business.  We hope you now have a better understanding of what they are and how you can put them to use.  If you have any questions or comments please leave us a message and let us know. Good luck with your codes! By Charles Daniels
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