Our first Business 2 Business mixer

Charles Daniels - Friday, February 24, 2012

Several weeks ago we were visiting shops in downtown Plymouth, Michigan and we were lucky enough to meet Jill Young from Jill Andra Young Photography.  Being a new business in the Plymouth area she was nice enough to spend some time with us and fill us in on some of the local goings on.  The one thing she said we had to check out was the Business 2 Business Mixer that Lori Morrison puts on.

We attended the event on February 8th at Bailey's Pub N' Grill in Canton.  Upon arriving we were blown away by the turnout.  The place was packed!  We found Jill and she introduced us to Lori Morrison, the owner of Ribar Floral Company. Lori greeted us with a smile, which I did not see leave her face for the entire night,  and spent time talking to us about the mixer.  She then told us to get out there and mingle...and mingle we did. The mixer was an excellent opportunity to interact with other business owners in the Plymouth, Canton, Novi, and surrounding areas.  We even made some new contacts with businesses located in Detroit!  The event has already generated leads that have paid dividends in new web design endeavors.  And it was the first one we had ever attended. We were made to feel very welcome and I cannot recommend the mixer enough to business owners who are close enough to attend.  If you are interested in signing up for the newsletter to the mixer please visit this link: Business 2 Business Mixer The mixers are open to all business owners in the area with the exception of floral or mortgage companies due to a conflict of interest.  Being a new Canton, Michigan web design company the opportunity to have all those relevant business owners in the same room was a networking gold mine. Hopefully we will see you at the next one.    I'll be the guy talking SEO. By Charles Daniels