Michigan Social Media Services from ajac Web Design

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, April 02, 2013

(Transcript of video) Hello my name is Charles.  I'm the Director of Operations at ajac Web Design and I wanted to talk to you about our social media services. I get asked all the time, "Do I need to be involved in social media?'.  The answer is - You're already involved.  If you have a business or company people are talking about.  On Facebook, Twitter, they're mentioning it and you're getting reviewed.  There is interaction that is happening, and if you're not part of it then you are missing out. Facebook and Twitter are the ways in which news is disseminated now.  It's how friends get on-line and talk about businesses.  If it's a good pizza shop, if it's a quality pet sitting company - they're going to be on there mentioning it.  If you're not involved, if you're not there, if you don't have a Facebook fan page for them to go and like,  then you are missing out on potential revenue. If you want to start being involved with social media and actually making a profit and earning from it then give us a call today and contact us about our social media services.  We can help you. Leave us a comment and tell us if you liked our video!  Or come talk to us on our Facebook Fan Page . By Charles Daniels