How to help your web developer in three easy steps

Charles Daniels - Sunday, April 08, 2012

The three easy steps to help your web developerHelping your web developer may not be on the top of your priority list when seeking web design but please remember this:  Time equals money.  So with that in mind let's take a look at three quick and easy steps to help your web developer and hence save yourself some money on web design.

Know what you like image

It seems like a no brainer, but you'd be amazed how many people have no idea what they want when they contact us for web design.  They know that they want a website.  They know that they want that website to make them money.  Other than that some people have no clue what they want their website to look like or how they'd like it to function.

So here is a quick way to come up with an idea for what you like:

Hit up Google and search for what you think would be the most obvious search string someone looking for your business would be.  So if I owned a barber shop in Detroit I would look for:

barber shop detroit michigan

Presto, we have access to a page of results to get a feel for what we would like in the design of our site.  Now right click on each result and open them in a new tab.  Browse through each of the pages you have opened and make write down some notes about the elements you like on the pages.

  • Do the visual sliders grab your attention?
  • Are you liking the more straight forward business sites or do you prefer the softer, friendly pages?
  • A bright color scheme or a dark color scheme?
Working with someone who has a clear idea of what they want from the start makes the web design process much easier.  Easier for your web designer will equate to a more favorable quote for you.  Make sure to copy down web addresses for specific things that you like so that you can use them as examples for design concepts. This is also a great opportunity to see what you're up against.  You want the website for your business to be one of those listings on the first page of Google.  It's paramount in your success.  If the ten sites you visited looked like junk then you have an idea that ranking for that search string will be easier.  If they all look great then you know that the road ahead could be tough.

Know what you don't like image

Knowing what you don't want for your website is just as important as knowing what you do want.  Being able to clearly explain elements that you do not want to appear on your new site will streamline the creation process.

Remember those pages we just browsed through to come up with a list of things that we liked?  Well while we were doing that we can also come up with a list of things that we don't like.

  • I don't want there to be excessive text
  • I don't want any cartoonish images
  • I don't want flash animation
Having this information from the start will eliminate wasted time.  Time saved for us is money in your pocket.

Communication to help your web developer

Knowing what you like and don't like is important.  Expressing those desires to your web developer is critical.  Make sure to keep the communication lines open during the creative period so that we can properly craft your dream site.  Anything that you think could be helpful should be passed along.  We would much prefer too much information as opposed to not enough.  Never worry about sending your web developer too much feedback.

Most web design contracts have clauses for additional work added after the initial agreement of the contract.  It is much easier to build a site knowing the full scope of the project from the beginning than it is to try and squeeze a piece in once the framework has been built.

Web development is about taking your ideal site from just a picture in your mind and turning it into a beautiful, functional, profitable website.  The only way that can be accomplished is through communication.

We hope that these three easy steps for how to help your web developer aid you in your website creation.


If a web design company doesn't take the time to listen and address all of your concerns - find a different web design company.  They aren't for you.

By Charles Daniels