How To Create Targeted Content For Your Website | 3 Real Examples

Charles Daniels - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Michigan Content Marketing Create quality content. That credo has been driven into the minds of search engine marketers for years now. Search engines have become increasingly sophisticated and their understanding of content and semantics has increased by leaps and bounds in a relatively short amount of time. The days of just throwing random content on your blog and expecting results are all but gone. With that being said, a question I am often asked is:

What kind of content am I supposed to be creating?

Having a clear goal in your content marketing is paramount in getting positive returns on your efforts. You need to think both in terms of a perspective client and also think about how they will be using search to find someone like you.

Here are three real world examples of different strategies that you can use to drive targeted traffic to your site.

#1 – Create a Compendium of Information

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You want to be considered an authority on your service or product. From selling televisions to reviewing movies, the more trust you inspire the more authority you will have in your area. The idea of building content around pieces of your industry will give multiple searchers a resource of the information they are looking for. It also gives them the ability to get all their answers from one spot without having to bounce around from site to site. Every time they leave your website to gather information there’s a very real chance they won’t come back.

The example I am going to use here is the Sean Cragg Mortgage Team. They provide mortgage and home loan assistance. There are many different mortgage programs available and each of them have pro’s and con’s depending on your situation. For their site we created pages directly aimed at individual programs to give very specific information depending on what kind of loan someone is searching for. Some examples would be:
We also use those pages as a chance to let people know about new Michigan based programs that can really help local clients. By creating a resource of information the site turns into a destination where realtors and others in the industry can feel comfortable about sending their clients knowing that it will answer all of their questions.

#2 – Create Content Based Around Your Product

One of the biggest obstacles in marketing is educating your audience. There are people out there right now who suffer from a problem that your product or service could fix, but if they don’t know you exist then it is of no benefit to you. This means sometimes you have to create content around an idea that then leads the potential buyer into your product.

Great Lakes Trophies & Engraving is a local trophy shop here in Michigan, but the owner is also a Corvette enthusiast and inventor. He didn’t like the mounting system of the most popular Corvette radar detector so he did what entrepreneurial people do – he built a better one! The problem being that how do you let someone know that your superior product exists?

We decided the best angle was to create content around Corvettes and the radar detector in general, but then also work the mounting bracket into the conversation. We did this by creating content around the product:
We also took the time to turn that content into video marketing. Most people don’t know that YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in use today. Fellow Corvette fanatics can be searching for videos on their cars and that gives us an in by appealing to them with video marketing. You can see an examples of the videos based around the product / concept here:

#3 – Develop Content Around a Large Service With Smaller Related Services
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There are only so many times you can spin the same article before people will stop listening. You have to come up with creative ways to focus on various niches inside of niches to keep creating new material. This also gives you the ability to focus on very specific pieces of your service that will appeal to long tail keyword searches.

Hazzouri Accounting provides accounting and tax service for businesses and individuals. They also specialize in home heath agency accounting which is an example of a niche inside of a niche. There are many industry specific tax laws at work here and by focusing on the home health agency field it gives us the opportunity to market towards those businesses.

For this example we have a mixture of both creating a compendium of information and using videos to re-enforce the point and create multiple streams of traffic. You can see that at work here:

These are just a few examples of techniques you can use to create content for your website. The shift towards creating quality content is not going to change in the foreseeable future. Search engines like Google have become so adept at identifying underhanded optimization attempts that anyone looking for long term success should not even attempt them. Adding valuable information to your site that educates and answers questions is a long term solution that builds upon itself. Those blog posts and pages that you create today can still pay dividends years down the road. It’s the power of embracing content marketing. Unlike a newspaper or radio spot that once over are gone, the content that you created is something that will last.

We hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions on content marketing or SEO please stop by our social media accounts and say hello.  We look forward to hearing from you.