How on page SEO can help an old website | A case study

Charles Daniels - Sunday, June 10, 2012

How one page SEO can help an old websiteWe recently completed a re-design project for The Pet Emporium website.  We scrapped everything and rebuilt the site from the ground up.  The job serves as a good example of what new SEO tactics applied to an old existing website can do for your current search engine rankings.  Come along with us as we show you where the site started from and where it ultimately ended up.  We hope that you find the information as interesting as we did.  The results are quite startling.  

We present to you:

How on page SEO can help an old website: A case study

First we need to start with the before.  The old website was a free WordPress theme with zero optimization.  It had no titles, no metas, no keyword research.  Even though it was a highly recognized pet store in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area it still ranked horrible in the SERPs.  Before starting our rebuild for the keyword phrase, "pet store ann arbor michigan" the site ranked:

The old SERPs ranking for the Pet Emporium website

The eighth page of Google results.  Absolutely buried in the SERPs.  No one on the planet is scrolling back eight pages to find the pet store near them that they want to visit.  Your organic search traffic in this instance is a big fat ZERO.

Enter the ajac Web Design SEO team.

We researched the most relevant keyword phrases for the business and built everything around those.  We did all the pertinent on-site optimization necessary to rank well in the search results.  Two weeks after publishing the new site the page currently ranks for the same search string:

Google rankings for The Pet Emporium after SEO work

#1 on Google!

The site jumped from page 8 on Google, buried and left for dead in the SERPs, all the way to the #1 spot for it's most relevant keyword phrase.  That was after less than a month of the site being published.  Not too shabby, eh?

It gets better though.  Before the upgrade the old site in Google Places was not one of the top three listings.  After finishing the new site and the crawlers having a chance to do their business here is what comes up on the Google Places map:

Where The Pet Emporium ranks on Google Places after the revision

#1 on Google Places!

The update activity and new ranking weight given to the website also gave some relevance to the Google Places listing moving it from the 7th spot mentioned on the map all the way to the 1st site shown.  The business is now listed twice on the first page of Google.  All with on page optimization!

The Pet Emporium domain is over 5 years old.  In cases like this where there is that level of age to a domain the benefits of updating your on page SEO can be tremendous.  You can move a site from buried in the search results all the way to the #1 spot just with carefully strategized techniques.  The site now ranks above multi-million dollar pet store company pages like PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, and Petco.

So if you have an old website that is in need of a renovation keep this case study in mind.  You can have almost instantaneous results if the circumstances are right.  If you would like a review of your current website to see if the favorable conditions are present please visit this link and fill out the information:

Free SEO website review

We hope you found this case study interesting and informative.  We would love to hear some of your stories on how on page search engine optimization can help an old website.

By Charles Daniels