Heating and Cooling Coupon for Livingston County, Michigan

Charles Daniels - Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Website snippet image of the Country Air LLC home pageWe recently completed a website for Country Air LLC who provide heating and cooling services for the Livingston County area.  The client had an existing website that he felt was cluttered with too much information and he was looking for a complete revamp to streamline the page and make it more user and search engine friendly.  We pared everything down to the essentials and really tried to focus on what the business was really about:

Quality personal heating and cooling services that you can trust

Keeping with that theme throughout the site we were able to make a succinct and flowing design that displays the services and areas he works in to someone looking for heating and cooling work.  We also used the same colors and design to create a custom Facebook fan page that matches his webpage.

We used a banner coupon advertisement on the website as a call to action to get potential new customers to like his Facebook page.  The promise of saving big money on your next heating or cooling purchase should be a strong motivator to get a new Facebook fan out of a visitor to your site seeking your services.

Coupon banner for heating and cooling services in Livingston, Michigan

We then built a custom tab on his Facebook site for the coupon code and fan gated it so only once you have liked the page are you able to redeem the code.  You can see the example of the fan gated coupon page by visiting his Facebook page and clicking on the 'Coupon Page' tab.

So if you are looking for heating and cooling services in the Livingston County and surrounding areas go check out the the new Country Air LLC website.  Tell them ajac Web Design sent you!  With that and the coupon redeem code from Facebook you can save $100 on your next furnace or air conditioner purchase or repair.  You can also save that $100 just with the redeem code.  But mentioning ajac Web Design will make us look good.  So throw that in too!

Let us know what you think of the site.  We would love some feedback.

By Charles Daniels