Free search engine optimization report for Michigan small businesses

Charles Daniels - Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are you a Michigan small business with a website that isn't performing up to your expectations?  For a limited time we will be offering a 100% free search engine optimization report for small businesses and associations located in Michigan.  Just visit our SEO form page at: Fill out the form and we will take a close look at the inner workings of your website and generate a report describing what we have found that is helping or hindering your page's performance in the search rankings.  All the information that we require is your e-mail address and website URL.  Your information is completely confidential.  We will not pass it along to any vendors or third parties. For the time being we are also offering to examine one of your competitor's websites to give you an idea of what they are doing better than you and how you can pass them in the search rankings. For stats on how valuable just a few positions higher can be here is a breakdown of click distribution from a normal search on Google. (This information comes from
From a search on Google this is the percentage of where the clicks go:
  1. 36%
  2. 13%
  3. 10%
  4. 8%
  5. 6%
  6. 4%
  7. 4%
  8. 3.5%
So as you can see being on the first page of Google is certainly a good thing.  But being at the top of Google is great thing.  Going from #8 to #1 means over a 10x increase in traffic to your site.  Ten times the potential customers, ten times the potential revenue coming in.
By Charles Daniels
(We will not perform this service for businesses in our field of work)
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