Free Favicon For Your Website!

Charles Daniels - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Image for the free favicon for your website from ajac Web DesignSo first things first - What exactly is a favicon and why should I be happy to get a free one? Glad you asked! A favicon is the image that appears in a web browser to represent your site.  See that cool little red paint brush up there?  That's our favicon.  When you bookmark a site it's the picture that will be sitting next to the link.  It's a special icon file that is 16x16 pixels in size.

Favicons can be great for branding and add a nice little extra something to web design.  They're extremely easy to implement as now days all you really need to do is upload the favicon.ico file into your root directory and the web browser will recognize it.  Easy breezy. For a limited time we will be creating favicons absolutely free.  The only 'catch' being that we would like a mention with a link back to our site acknowledging the fancy new image.  Just a simple:

"Thanks to ajac Web Design for our new favicon!"

Would be perfect.  Throw it on your blog, on the news page, in a sidebar, whatever is easiest for you.  If you need some assistance with the code or uploading the favicon to your site just let us know and we will be happy to help.  That's what we do! If you have any questions leave us a comment below, e-mail us, or come stop by our Facebook fan page or Twitter feed to drop us a line.  Our operators are standing by.

 Semper Vigilantissimi - Always Vigilant.

By Charles Daniels