Does Your Michigan Website Need a Makeover?

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Does your website need a makeover? First Impressions A study by Stanford University showed that when people are judging a website’s credibility, 46.1% commented on the website’s appearance – more than content and any other website feature. People still tend to judge a book by its cover, which for your website includes the layout, fonts, white space, graphics, colors, and so on. Participants of the study even had comments like “looks like some adolescent boys in a garage threw this together” and “looks childish and like it was put together in 5 minutes”.

Content is King Just as a well-spoken but dishevelled person is not an ideal salesperson, a well-dressed mumbler can be just as, if not more, ineffective. While an unattractive web design will have people fleeing at first glance, poor content will have them bouncing on first paragraph. The ideal scenario is where people come to your site because they find it attractive and professional-looking, and then stay longer because they find it informative and useful. Being the complex beings that they are, people may at once be judgmental about the looks of your site, and also smart enough to realize when you know what you’re talking about. If you have some great ideas and useful information to share but are not much of a writer, or if you have no idea what to say at all, we have a vast network of professional writers and multimedia gurus that can help you provide quality content. Responsive Design Are you in need of a new responsive website? In this day and age, it is absolutely critical to have a website that responds to the wide variety of devices your visitors may use to view it. From the 30-plus inch screens they have at home to the tiny iPhone screens that Apple refuses to change, your website should look as good and load as fast whatever the device your customers are using. Again, this calls for some professional coding to get it right. On Bounce Rates and Calls to Action Bounce rates have to do with how many of your visitors visit one page then abruptly leave without visiting any other page. The more this happens and the shorter they stay, the less likely you are to see any conversions. There may be several reasons for an unnecessarily high bounce rate. Obviously, first impressions are a major factor affecting your bounce rate. Pop-ups are also just plain annoying. Ads may be a significant contributor to your income, but they must be properly placed. Responsiveness and ease of use of your website is also an important consideration. The use of multimedia should also be professionally executed in order to not annoy and/or bore your viewers. Calls to action, such as linking to your products on eBay, filling out a lead form, or clicking on your ads, are probably the only positive actions that contribute to a high bounce rate. Your website should be able to make use of such. Call in the Professionals ajac Web Design of Canton Michigan Does all this sound like too much information? Does it seem too complicated to execute yourself? It’s just the tip of the iceberg. But fear not! Ajac Web Design is one of the most trusted names for those who need a new website for Michigan business. With years of expertise focused on Michigan web design, we have helped countless local businesses finally realize their dream websites. Stop by our website to learn more our come visit us on our social media accounts: Facebook | Twitter | Google+