How To Create Targeted Content For Your Website | 3 Real Examples

Charles Daniels - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Michigan Content Marketing Create quality content. That credo has been driven into the minds of search engine marketers for years now. Search engines have become increasingly sophisticated and their understanding of content and semantics has increased by leaps and bounds in a relatively short amount of time. The days of just throwing random content on your blog and expecting results are all but gone. With that being said, a question I am often asked is:  


Charles Daniels Speaking On SEO and Inbound Marketing at the IADT

Charles Daniels - Thursday, February 13, 2014

Charles Daniels of ajac Web Design Our very own Director of Operations Charles Daniels will be guest speaking at the International Academy of Design and Technology on Thursday the 27th of February. Charles will be talking to the marketing students about search engine optimization and inbound marketing in 2014. The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session where the students will be able to ask questions on search, on-line marketing, entrepreneurship, or business in general. Charles is a serial entrepreneur with experience in affiliate advertising, content marketing, and brand building. The 1 hour seminar will cover the following: 


How to Use LinkedIn for Small Business Growth | 5 Simple Tips

Charles Daniels - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LinkedIn for small business growthSocial media is quickly changing the way people do business. Ads on Facebook, contests on Twitter, and countless blogs have become the new way to advertise. LinkedIn, a social networking website for professionals, is another platform where small businesses can find growth. Using this tool can help start-ups form strategic partnerships, find new business, gain advice, and advertise their services.  Here are 5 simple tips for how you can use LinkedIn to grow your business. 


Joe Hochgreve Speaking on Responsive Web Design at the IADT in Detroit

Charles Daniels - Thursday, January 09, 2014

Joe Hochgreve of ajac Web DesignOur own Director of Developments Joe Hochgreve will be guest speaking on responsive web design at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Detroit this coming Monday, January the 13th. Joe is one of the pioneers in responsive web design in Michigan. He was one of the first to adopt the new technology and ajac Web Design was the first company in Michigan to offer custom responsive sites to their clients. Joe's lecture  will begin at  6:30 PM. He will be speaking for 1 hour at the engagement and then will be fielding questions from the audience. With how much Joe loves to talk about responsive web design that means he will be there until they kick him out!  The topics he will cover include the following: 


Canton Michigan Web Design

Charles Daniels - Monday, July 09, 2012

Canton Michigan welcome signIf you are looking for Canton Michigan web design we would like to introduce ourselves to you.  ajac Web Design is a local firm offering full web design and development services for  the Canton, Michigan area.   We are a local business who understand the mood and culture of the city.  Canton is a vibrant and bustling community with a great local atmosphere. If you plan on creating a new website using a development team from the area will let you harness that look and feel for your new web page. 


Ann Arbor Pet Fest 2012 is coming!

Charles Daniels - Monday, June 25, 2012

Ann Arbor Pest Fest 2012 WebsiteThe 2012 Ann Arbor Pest Fest is right around the corner and we are excited to be a part of things!  ajac Web Design is a proud sponsor of the event.  Having built the new Ann Arbor Pet Fest website we have a lot of anticipation about the exciting affair.  We also recently completed the Pet Emporium website so we have been fortunate enough to work with them for the past few months.  We know that every year they put on a great event that draws in animal lovers from all over Michigan. 


How on page SEO can help an old website | A case study

Charles Daniels - Sunday, June 10, 2012

How one page SEO can help an old websiteWe recently completed a re-design project for The Pet Emporium website.  We scrapped everything and rebuilt the site from the ground up.  The job serves as a good example of what new SEO tactics applied to an old existing website can do for your current search engine rankings.  Come along with us as we show you where the site started from and where it ultimately ended up.  We hope that you find the information as interesting as we did.  The results are quite startling.   


QR codes for your Michigan business. Part 3: Advanced QR code use.

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

QR Code that directs to the East West Martial Arts home pageThe increasing volume of QR code advertising has made it hard for a lonely, ordinary QR code to stand out these days.  That is where the advanced QR code comes into play.  As you can see in the image to the left, a QR code does not have to be just a plain black bar code.  It can also incorporate a logo, different colors, even a picture built into the background.  The best part being; it still functions exactly like a normal QR code.  The quick response code displayed here when scanned links back to the East West Martial Arts homepage.  If you are looking for a martial arts school near Canton, Michigan you will not find a finer dojo.  Stop by their site to see what they are all about. 


Facebook Timeline fan page for your Michigan business

Charles Daniels - Monday, March 19, 2012

New Facebook Timeline fan page layoutMarch 30th is fastly approaching, and with it all the Facebook fan pages out there will be converting over to the new Facebook Timeline layout...whether they like it or not. If you are a Michigan business owner with a current Facebook fan page here is some information to help you along in the switch over process.  We will cover the new visual elements of Timelines in regards to dimensions and layout.    Read fast, you only have a few days left! 


The first 3 local SEO steps for your Michigan business after publishing your new website

Charles Daniels - Monday, March 12, 2012

Your new Michigan business website is done!  The keywords have been researched and implemented on the page.  The title and H tags are in order.  Your meta description and tags are unique and relevant.  So where's the first stop in getting your local SEO campaign running smoothly?