An Easy Tip On Fast Content Indexing Using Your Google+ Page

Charles Daniels - Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Google+ screen capture for ajac Web DesignWhen you complete a blog post or update a website the first thing that you want is for Google to crawl the new content so that you can start drawing that delicious organic traffic. Sadly Google works at their own pace and  it can take days or sometimes even weeks before their spiders get around to indexing your site. Who wants to wait that long? Here is the #1 tip we use for fast indexing from Google...

Add The Link To Your Google+ Page

Nothing seems to make Google happier than when people use their Google+ platform. We have experienced continued success with using our company's Google+ business page as our secret weapon for indexing. The last article we wrote for the site was published on 10/15:

Example image for fast google indexing blog post

We posted the article to our Google plus page that same day:

Fast Google indexing of your new articlesIn under 4 hours the page had been crawled by Google and was ranking with my author picture included. Not too shabby. Especially considering the topic was about Facebook. Sorry Google!

We have also had success with getting old sites that we re-designed crawled newly through sharing to our Google+ page. If the stars line up just right and you have the proper authority linked to your site we've had pages that weren't ranked for anything because of poor optimization go to #1 in Google for relevant search terms within 24 hours of updating the site. That's right, instant SERP success.

I would suggest you also add the article to your Facebook and Twitter feed as back up plan #2. You can use pinging as fall back option #3. If you really have to get your page crawled quickly make a brief YouTube video and link it back to the article - contingency plan #3. If you use all 4 of these you can almost guarantee a quick crawl of your new content.

For the purpose of testing on this article we are only sharing the new post on our Google+ page. We will update the article when this new post has been crawled to let you know exactly how many hours it took to rank. Monday October 21st - 12:30 - Posted. Let the experiment begin!

(UPDATED! - The page was indexed by Google on October 23rd 13:45 GMT which corresponds to 8:45 AM EST - For a total of 44 hours 15 minutes from post to index.  Not 24 hours, but within 2 days is still pretty darn good.  As a side note, the Google+ post began showing in the SERPs within 2 hours.)

By Charles Daniels