6 Successful Tips for Creating an Amazing Landing Page That Converts

Charles Daniels - Sunday, November 17, 2013

Landing page tips for your siteA properly designed and optimized landing page can attract great traffic which can be used to the advantage of the web owner. Since a landing page is what your visitors notice when they arrive at your web page and is also probably the last thing they will see if they're not impressed by it, it is best if we can make that first impression count. The main objective of a landing page is to attract users and get them to convert. One can only realize that a landing page is not working to his/her advantage when the landing page bounce rate is through the roof. To turn this around you need to optimize your page. Here are some quick and easy authoritative but essential tips that can sky rocket your landing page conversion rate:

#1 - Consider simplicity Make sure that the structure of your landing page is simple and clear. Ensure that all the vital information is provided within the landing page with ultimate precision. Avoid leakage points. Get rid of all unnecessary details to avoid clutter on your page. Once a visitor lands on your page they want to immediately know what it can offer them. Overwhelming readers with information may act as a turn off. Simple, clear, and precise information catches the attention of the visitors and draws them in. Take the example of Skype's landing page, it only provides basic information that is essential and definitive to the visitor.

Skype landing page tip image

# 2 - Make your landing page headlines perfect A landing page headline is what usually grabs the attention of an individual visiting your website for the first time. Your landing page headline must correspond properly with whatever your post is promoting. Any signs of discrepancies can lead to an increased level of bounce rates. Creating headlines that stand out is not a cakewalk. It can be demanding. People get attracted to interesting and catchy headlines.  When creating perfect landing page headlines make sure that you keep them:
  • Short and sweet
  • Specific and clear
  • Highlight one main benefit
  • Consistent with your message
  • Free of cliché
Take an example from BuzzFeed's landing page. The page is filled with interesting headlines.

Buzzfeed example image for landing page tips

# 3 - Come up with a strong call to action Staying connected with your people is the only way to generate more traffic. Do your best to encourage individuals to sign up to your site. There are a number of ways of doing this. One of them is providing your visitors with incentives. You could offer them incentives such as a free trial period. On your landing page, provide the visitors with an easy to fill sign up form which will help them to stay connected with you. Those websites with relatively long landing pages should try to repeat the call to action at comfortable intervals throughout their text. The purpose of doing this is that it helps to reinforce your objectives. Call to action tips for landing pages #4 - Use a dynamic image The image used as the display on your landing page should be in accordance to the search for which the visitor tried to access the landing page. Allow your visitors to have easy access to the purchase/registration buttons and also try to make your cart or the contact form visible. Landing page tips calls to action #5 - Make your content about the reader Selling with benefits and not features should be the driving force here. Most people care less about your individual self or your company for that matter. What concerns them the most is the likelihood of them benefiting in the long run. Present your content using the second person approach and address the needs of your client. Use words such as ''you'' and ''your''. In addition to this, try to solicit desired information from the visitors to help you grow. Motivate them to provide this information by offering incentives. Making landing pages about the user with social media # 6 - Design your content using a skimmer's mind It is a well-known fact that few visitors really takes time to read through all the materials found on an online web page. People usually skim through such content. It is therefore important to structure your content with the skimmer in mind. Shorten your paragraphs and ensure that they are properly spaced. The goal of this is to ensure that the readers understand your content even without reading the entire text. Using skimmer optimization for landing page success Adhering to the above tips will not only allow you to create amazing landing pages but will also help improve your website's conversion rate.    If you would like to learn more visit the ajac Web Design website or come say hi to use on our ajac Facebook fan pageTwitter account, or our Google+ page.  We look forward to hearing from you!