3 reasons your Michigan business should have a Twitter account

Charles Daniels - Sunday, March 04, 2012

I know, I know.  I hear business owners all the time tell me that they don't understand Twitter and that there is no possible way that it can be of benefit to their business.  They're wrong and if you believe that then you're wrong as well.  Twitter is how news is disseminated in the world of today.  Like it or not, Twitter is here to stay.

So instead of ruing the day of the invention of the 140 character micro-blog instead I present you with 3 reasons your Michigan business should have a Twitter account: #1 - It's Free! My favorite kind of reason; the free kind.  Twitter costs you zero to set up an account.  Just head over to www.twitter.com and click the 'Sign up for Twitter' button and they will walk you through the sign up process.  The entirely FREE sign up process. #2 - It's Easy! Setting up a Twitter account takes all of five minutes.  They literally walk you through steps that show you the entire process.  You see how the following works, the tweeting works, et cetera.  You do not need a web developer to set up your Twitter account.  Anyone can do it, and it takes just a matter of minutes. But why are you taking these valuable minutes to set up your Michigan business Twitter account?  Well that gets us to the last reason... #3 - It helps you rank higher in the search engines! That's right, the search engines love Twitter.  Because Twitter is now where the news of the world breaks tweets get crawled/indexed by the search engines very quickly.  That means if you want to announce a new post on your blog sending out a tweet will create a neatly placed trail of breadcrumbs back to your site.  Same with your webpage or any other area on-line that you are trying to bring a search engine spider to. Google and the other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, yadda) are all taking social metrics into account now when ranking websites.  The theory being:  If your website/product/blog is so fantastic, shouldn't there be people out there tweeting about it? Yes, there should be.  But there might not be.  Why?  Because you haven't taken the five minutes to set up your Twitter account. It's Free, it's Easy, and it's Search Engine Friendly. If that isn't enough, here are reasons 4 through 10: #4 - It helps you build relationships with your customers #5 - It helps you build relationships with other businesses #6 - It helps your build relationships in the community #7 - Advertising #8 - Branding #9 - Viral marketing #10 - It just looks hip to have your business on Twitter.  Be hip. So there are your 3 reasons for setting up your new business Twitter account.  When you're done stop over and follow us at @ajacWebDesign.  Mention you soon! By Charles Daniels